Wednesday, September 9, 2009

well I finally fell asleep for the 1st time in 2 days. In the car .not driving of course, head back mouth wide open. How attractive. came home and finished my nap thru Obama's healthcare speech. something I should be paying attn to. Is any one out there who can tell me how to sleep with this horrible disease? Up all night Tired all day, then finally crash. I love to sleep its my favorite thing in the world other than reading . hot tea and chocolate! Last week I feel asleep at the computer, legs hanging down and they fell asleep. couldnt walk when I woke up. such strange things happening!I think My husband and I are taking a ride up to Gainesville to see what their Neuro dept. says. worth the trip. They want me donate my brain but only if my grandkids get in.LOL I feel like an experiment here. try this... try that! My life has come to almost a complete halt. can only drive before taking any drugs, then Im worn out by 3 and have to be home to rest my neck. this truly sucks! I look at all the healthy little old ladies in their 70-80's and am sad cause that will never be me going on old people cruises. I just want my life back. Its just been 4 months and Im ready for the surgery! Buzz my head and do it now! I have to find the right surgeon though! That will make a big difference! LOL Shaky Shari

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  1. Queeny, you are so funny!
    1. Still haven't figured out the sleep thing, except, I have been drinking chamomile tea at night about 2 cups and I sleep for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I'll take that. Then I get up and have some more and sleep another couple...hmmm

    2. Night time head bobbing...remember, I think I told you about my friend Marion who's head goes backward? Her head bobs like crazy sometimes through the night but not every night, I don't think she's found anything that helps that yet...

    3. You will go on the old people cruises, have faith...

    4. I'm trying Niacin, read a google alert about someone who claims to have started taking it and has been in remission for 5 years, did a little research and it says it releases toxins from the body. Lined up with the other google alert that claimed that some CD is caused by certain toxins...all shots in the dark, better than what DR'S are giving, faith... besides, what can it hurt?

    5. Calling Sacramento, even though my current nuero has helped me tremendously, last treatment when I tried to ask her about the toxin thing, other things I've read etc. she said, "I've told you, no known cause, no known cure." I like her but I can't have a doc that doesn't have faith, I'm a believer in miracles!!! Besides, how do you account for the other people who've gone into remission? Current Doc says it's rare and I shouldn't get my hopes up that way, I say, hope is all we have my friend, we should not go gently!

    P.S. About wanting your life back...take it back inch by inch...fight, what's that saying about acting it out until it's real, I know I'm not quoting correctly, but it's true!

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Be well...