Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big girlfriend party tonight ! Hafta rest all afternoon to get thru but we laugh our pants off! I have a special surprise for them, we have been friends for so long. two of us for 23 yrs! Isnt that amazing in this time? Growing old together with all our trials and tribulations! women rock! Be there for each other! Weve had marriage problems ,divorces, financial problems and now me the health problem! We are stuck like glue! Maybe I will write them each a note to tell them what they mean to me, but they will all cry! plus they wont be able to read my handwriting .I hate to do it on the computer. I will have to translate, heck I cant even read my own!!! Love Peace and Laughter, what else is there???

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  1. Oh, how awesome, so happy for you all, just what the doctor would order! I hope you all had a blast!