Tuesday, September 8, 2009

well Ive had a busy weekend! Got my "Welcome to Dystonia" packet...that ranks right up there with the AARP packet...Had 2 bad days over the weekend that freaked out my daughter. Ive been trying to protect them from the bad days. I guess I cant do that any longer. I do have bad days but try to keep moving and never give up. I have 2 new movements now...on top of no no no and the big pull... I have yes yes yes and the bouncing bobble head. Oh yes and the sprinkler head at night. what a combo ! I think I am seriously getting motion sickness from this. Anybody heard of that? Had a fabulous time at the BFF party, we had the restaurant laughing with us. Terry brought a full sized Austin Powers that said ...Oh Behave.. all night
she is so funny! and tomorrow is my youngest daughters 29th Bday so we just had a family party with all the grandkids. its was chaos as it should be ! 4 under 4 and another in 2months. Christmas will be wild! I have a lot to keep going for dont I? and all my friends are praying for me so I cant give up! can I? Keep me in your prayer I need them! Shari

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