Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Had a fairy birthday party last night we had a blast! We made Mo wear a Boa, a sash that said 60 fairy wings, glitter masks and a fairy hat! We all had raspberry Martini's and this fabulous Choc cake to die for! we are such dorks! Oh yes and we all wore our Tiaras! we laughed so hard that one of us tinkled, not me!!! The table next to us was having a party too so we all laughed together and gave the little girls the magic wands and masks. We held our wands together and each made a wish! What fun for old ladies! Today I had lunch with my old friend Jane, our kids grew up together and then she took me to the factory where they are building the Harry Potter set for Universal studios! cant wait for it to open! Maybe I can get a magic wand from Olivanders to cure my Dystonia! Got an appt at Shands , we will have lunh ach at the Swamp ,yummy, and make a day of it! busy day today! Moving forward. Bad day yesterday but better today. Maybe the answer is Raspberry Martini's! Im a genius! Wish good days for all the Dystonia rare disorder gang!

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  1. Oh, what fun, so much love! You have to have your baby girls show you how to post pictures on this blog, it's really easy, I hope you took tons of pictures. You really are a Queen! One of the rules of being a Cherry Queen is you must give, help, and care for all children. I bet those little girls were thrilled to get the magic wands and mask! Rasberry Martini's and Chocolate Cake? Yum! The perfect pairing! Bad day/ Good day? Such is the Dystonic Roller Coaster! A ride no one wants a ticket for! Pick a seat in the middle, raise your hands high in the air and scream as loud as you can! Hope you have a blessed day today Queeny...