Friday, September 25, 2009

This was at our Fairy Princess party. Notice the tiara! Thats why its good to be Queen, and eat chocolate ganache cake! Lindsay liked this picture so she put it on for me! thats why Im the Queen, I get her to do things for me! Thanks Linz! check out my Facebook page for more silly photos of my friends! Shari Minter


  1. Like the new picture. You always did think your were a Queen. But I'm the Queen Bee(Sue Bee).

  2. LOVE IT! You look so happy! Beautiful picture, beautiful you, so good to see. I didn't know you were on facebook! Me too, I'll look you up, have to admit, I don't get on too often, when I discovered blog land I got stuck in this virtual world and spend any free tech time I have here. I originally signed up on FB to stay in touch with my six nieces in MI. (Yes, I said six) My sister is the luckiest woman on the planet, you should see her six beautiful girls! They are modern girls with beauty,brains and talent! But then so are yours and so is mine...I always think about all these modern girls and wonder, is it because we were such good mothers that we instilled this, or is it purely a product of their generation? Doesn't matter either way, they're ours and we get to claim the credit! LOL! Are you still feeling better? I so hope so! I'm a little depleted, last week I pushed too hard and now I'm paying! Wouldn't have done anything different though, all my little lovlies had so many good things happening in their life and needed me. (That's a rare occurance, so I have to soak it up when I can!) That's the struggle of CD though, which is why I wouldn't do anything different even though I'm really exhausted and completely depleted this morning...My struggle and challenge is to live as I would if I didn't have CD, I refuse to go gently and accept that this blasted disorder has a huge impact on my life, "IF" I am to win this thing then I must be calm and carry on as if I didn't even know what the word "Dystonia" meant!!! Have a blessed day Queeny!
    XO Keke