Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Been busy busy with all the babies! Gotta go back to the Neuro on Friday! Yuck, But Whatever! Maybe he will have a cure by Friday. A Magic pill or shot! Thats funny that you {Keke} and my sister are both Cancers. She is 6/27...so is my grandson . Birthday buddies! My husband and grandson and roomie in college are all cancers! How weird < I must call them to me to keep me from floating into outer space. Im a Leo. A bit spacy and always moving on to the next thing. Ideas floating out of my head at breakneck speed but cant ever get a project done. thats where my Virgo daughter and BFF come in. I just pass the ideas onto them and it gets done! How cool is that! My kids think Im bull headed... but not me! I just always want my own way! Is that a Leo thing? Old man hubby is used to it by now. 35 yrs in Nov. He better get me something good! he always does cause I drag his butt to the store and show him what I want. Works for me! This yr I want to go to London for Christmas, I dont know how much longer I can make that 10 hr trip. Could be my last one! Boo Hoo then London will have to come to me! I truly believe I lived there in my last life. Next life Im moving back! In fact I might leave tonight, laundry is all done passport is ready!what more do I need? clean undies....Cya Shari

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  1. Yippie!!! Your post must mean you are still feeling better? Yep, I'm a Cancer. Guess what else? My daughters a Virgo and my oldest and dearest BFF is a Leo. Coincidence or fate?
    LOL! I on the other hand seem to collect Aries. Wierd, isn't it?