Friday, September 11, 2009

I finally had a normal day yesterday! I felt good enough to go to the Mall and shop! Yeah I know they have missed me! No nap needed and then out for dinner! back to reality if only for a day! Today my sister had me over for lunch, yummy chicken salad and then we went thru old pics of people we dont know but hopefully we guessed right! People... please put the names and yrs of people in photos so your relatives know who they are! some of these were 100 yrs old and from Scotland and Canada. Its hard to place all the names together! Then I took old pics of us so her girls could laugh at pics of us in the 60's! Prom etc ...the dresses made them laugh. hey they were cool at the time. 10 ft long surfboards at the beach. hahaha!really cool bathing suits, remember when your Mom made you change in the car.. all naked and sandy, how embarrassing! Memory lane, old boyfriends who are all old men now, us too I guess! Hope for another good day tomorrow. I think my depression has subsided for a while. I hope so, back to life again! Shari


  1. WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! Expect many more my friend!!!!! Now that your here it's about maintenence. How's your sleep, how's your bobbing, how's everything else? Tell me everything!!!!

    Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win. Bernadette Devlin

    Your Rock'n Now,

  2. Well I had a pretty good weekend! lots of going out with the grankids and watching football, I even fell ASLEEP during the game without any drugs! That never happens! I think Im heading up to UF to see what their story is. I didnt realize this was so rare! Now Im a rare bird. Still bobbing bouncing etc and getting stuck on the left side but am adjusting. Stopped sleeping all afternoon so Im making it thru the day. I have all my friends put me on their church prayer lists, now I need to find a Jewish friend to pray for me and Im covered. actually one of my daughters friends in Chicago is Jewish so I will bug her! Boy are people much nicer to me now! all you have to do is be sick!Baby shopping with daughter for gbaby number 5 tomorrow so that will be fun. Might be my last gbaby so Im going to enjoy this one.! Im still working on my other daughter for one more! Thanks for caring!!! Shari