Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guess what? No magic pill for me! I asked the Dr for a magic shot and he said Tequila! haha No improvement so in Nov I get stronger shots. he said I dont have classic Dystonia, there's something else going on so on to Gainesville to Shands Neuro for more research. I feel like a lab rat! "I need a Psychiatrist desperately! " well Duh dont we all! Hubby went in this time, I think he gets it that this is serious but he's a problem solver so he says we are finding a cure! just keep going til we get one! Nothing like an Alpha Male to take charge, I hope he finds me one! Dr said Miami has a good ctr also so maybe we will just travel the state! Today I hafta get crafty, BFF's have
another Bday on Monday. This time its a Fairy Princess party. Mo is 60! So I have lots of stuff to spray with glitter. Then other BFF is next weekend. Her party is a surprise in case she reads this. Lets just say she's the wild and crazy one! we will go with that theme! Today is also big football game Fla - Tennessee...Go Gators! Wearing my blue as Urban Meyer has instructed! So there's more to life than Dystonia! Gotta keep moving Never never never give Up! Winston Churchill! He's my inspiration! C Y'all after the game! Maybe I have some Tequila!


  1. Shari go for the Tequila! Keep up the good attitude. This will be ok. I'm glad Kipp is in on it.

  2. I didn't know you were some pic's on line so we can see...I spent all day yesterday crafting and will do the same again today, the mess is driving American husband crazy...He'll just have to understand how good this is for me, it's the only time I can empty my head and concentrate on the task at hand. Sleep still a mystery to me, sleep meds the Dr. gave me so far aren't working. I'm on guinea pig #4 drug. I'm curious, you named two that you you take them both every night together? Thanks fot the message...always seem to come at a time when I precisely need it. Sometimes it gets hard to remember I'm not alone in this. Classic Dystonia, I didn't know there was such a thing! What does that mean? I've never heard someone refer to this name before. All the Dr. so far keep saying that they can't come up with a cure because everyones distonia is so individualized. Tequila sounds good to me, which reminds me, if you have an alcohol beverage, does it make your neck tight threatening to twist to the left? I don't really drink anymore because of the meds, but I have had a drink every now and again, and my neck seems to get worse? Have you experience this when drinking? I read other peoples stuff and they talk about having a glass of wine and say that it helps them? I love wine, but if I think I'm going to have a glass, I always end up tight and twisty! LOL Maybe we should get a T-Shirt that says that! "Tight and Twisty!" On the back it can say, "yah, I know I'm beautiful, keep staring!" Hee Hee He.