Saturday, October 3, 2009

Had a good week! Sleeping better now that Dr has upped my Cymbalta ,I dont shake violently while Im awake. getting ready to go to Gainesville on Weds. they have a full service clinic and research hospital there. I hope its not just a meet and greet. Ive met everyone I have wanted, now get me better! They want all my records since birth..hahaha I told them all those Drs are dead! what are they thinking? So I got together what I could. Last 5 yrs, after that Dr has to go back to the storage closet! The Kipper and I went to HIS 40th reunion last night.Not Mine! It was fun. I stood the whole time, Im better standing so I lasted about 2 and a half hours. Not bad. Tonight is the big event, so we are just going to the cocktail party. I cant do a 4 hr dinner and dancing. Kipp Dance??? That will be the day. We had a blast at Terry's party at Margueritaville! We dressed her as the devil cause she is! and we went as black cats. Sara had a huge Devil cake and we passed it out to all the kids in the restaurant. There were quite a few Bdays there so we all sang together. They asked us to come back everynight cause we were the life of the party! we always are! The cutest little boy from Calgary Canada came to our table and said it was his Birthday too! Terry gave him her giant Balloon hat and we sang to him. he was 6! so precious, I doubt he will forget us! So life does go on! I only stop when I have to! Its hard to feel bad all the time but I am adjusting to it! Wish me luck in Gville, maybe they can give me more help! Have a great week, Fall is here! thats good enough for me!! Cya Shari

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  1. Well...there you are! So glad to hear your having fun. That's all there is you know...make the best out of every day, good or bad, your right it is hard to feel like crap every day! It's even harder to have people assume that because you are graceful and try to handle every day with strength and dignity that you must be ALL better, instead of recognizing your strength and gracefulness! Yes, I'm still hanging on to that and I know I need to let it go...good luck in Gainsville, let me know what you find out, if they have the magic elixer, I may have to take a flight! HIGH HOPES! Hope is all we have! So glad to hear your alright and you've just been out there liv'n life! As always, I wish you wellness! XO Keke