Monday, August 17, 2009

Rough night last night! Couldnt sleep. did way too much. I actually asked Kipp @ 1 am if I was sleeping in my clothes. Am I confused from the meds or exhaustion? Going back for another MRI today,=. Lets get this over with! I hate those things. and I
cant get this blog thing straightened out, not that anyone is reading it. My daughter tried but couldnt do it either. so your guess is as good as mine which page you will get! Like Roulette!I just dont have the patience! Family party was insane with all my grands running around! and 1 more coming! Emily loved her Nikon and now she can be a pro in journalism! Im looking thru my right eye... hard to type that way. Making lotsa typing mistakes sorry! Im staying home in my jammies today til I have to go to WP hospital. No food after 12 anyways no where to go for lunch...just me and the washing machine, a match made in Heaven. Thats a location also Sue! So long for now! Shari

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