Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not a bad day. sore but slept in so I got some rest. My sister came over to mess with the blog. went to the bookstore to find some info on Dystonia. wasted trip. Hand is sore from all the digging yesterday at MRI... Its weird the pulling always starts around 3pm. I wonder why. I try to get home by then. Everyday day I drive by my friends house, her husband died at 49 from cancer so that jolts me out of my pity party. I also have 3 friends with cancer. I wonder why its all the women who are sick lately? are we just living longer this generation? My BFF is dealing with her Mom 's declining health. Dont want to bring everyone down. so I whine into inter -space! Husband is doing a pretty good job at being supportive, I didnt know how that would go at all. But its early yet. I still need that cheat sheet about taking advil with all this other stuff. Dr said to exercise, that sent me into massive pull for the rest of the day. x that. then got some yoga going. same thing. today I got a meditation tape. cant hurt myself too much with that!LOL maybe I will borrow Ash's Disney sing a long tape to cheer me up! Some day my prince will come! Im still trying to find the answer to sleeping. I can only sleep with meds to stop the shaking. Does the Botox stop that? I hope so! If you have any answers to that Its my biggest problem so far! Cya! Shari

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