Monday, August 17, 2009

MRI no@ today. not too bad except 35 minutes of digging for veins, I have none. Finaly got one tiny one in my hand to put the catheter valium thru. Got on the table, packed me all in , locked me down still movng, more Valium...then more valium then more valium, poor kids. Let me just say Valium stings in your hands!!!!! So they improvised. Nice sweet jason hekd my head down as hard as he could til his hands gave ut then put his head down on my forehead and held me down. He said I was a lesson learned. I must be the first one they have seen,,, What a sweet kid, He says he;s an MRI nerd. finds out if he's having a boy or girl tomorrow. Mom has cancer so they went ahead to have a a baby now. Nice young people at NSI in Winter Park.came home and Fell asleep for about 1 hr. now all the meds have worn off so Im waiting for them to kick in again, Im morphing into Michael Jackson. All I can say is this has to stop... lindsay has fixed my URL HTTP://sharisramblingsadystoniadiary.blogspot.cim I tried it it worked...

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