Saturday, August 22, 2009

Better today I think the answer is 10 hours sleep. Thats immoral isnt it? I was so down yesterday, all about being tired. Tuesday is Botox day getting very nervous! I hope I dont scream or anything. How undignified Maybe they have a screaming room in the back! I wonder if Kipp will come back. prob. not it would freak him out! I kinda hope they put me out, the neurosurgeon said they would. But this is the Neurologist doing it so who knows. But I am looking forward to being normal again, even for a while. Off to have my tea! Hope y'all have a good day...Me too Me Three! as my Joey says!



    Hey Sheri,
    Above is a link I thought you might find interesting. I love her blogs, check it out. Don't be scared, you can do this!
    I'll be praying and thinking of you on Tuesday.
    It is awful, but you know what? My first time my head was so twisted and I was so over it, I swear I would have let them stab me in the forehead!!! LOL! Just use the breathing excercises you learned in childbirth. Took me a minute to recall since it was 22 years ago, but it really did help. I didn't think my husband would go in either for the same reason, but he insisted, and he pulls his chair right in front of mine so I can hold his hand through the pain. (I feel a little bad, know it's not easy for him, but I figure if I have to do this, he can do that much! LOL) Kipp might suprise you!
    I wish you wellness!

  2. P.S. Just read your Friday post, you won't have to live like this forever, believe in remission and besides, you'll be amazed how much better you feel after botox, at least I hope so. Remember, I'm almost back to normal after mine. Sleep is still to be figured out, but, I'm certain we will!!!