Sunday, August 30, 2009

I am sending this out into the universe...why are the truly mean people allowed to live? where's the karma thats supposed to happen to people who are kind to others ? I was having a great day until I was spewn poison all over me over something stupid. Now all I do is shake and pull. I cant settle down I cant handle stress and meaness ...what do I do? My entire life has been surrounded by mean people, am I pulling them to me somehow? was I horrible in my last life? I know I only get one life but this one is rapidly going downhill! why doesnt the universe take care of these people? we cant do it! but we are forced to live on the same planet in the same space as they are! whats with that? I think the truly evil ones prey on the kinder ones because they know they can. and its not in our nature to fight back all the time. I have been them fighting all my life! Trying to protect myself, but its taking its toll...everything is an argument, why is that? all I want is peace.......


  1. Shari,

    This is not a question the universe can answer for us, the answer is within us. I've had this kind of week too. I'll share off line if you do.

    Hugs and infinite love,