Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad bad night Pushed too hard and paid for it! Fell asleep at 10 I was so tired, then the phone rings. That was it for the night. laid there til the meds kicked in, my head moving like a sprinkler head , jerking right to left. what do you do? Why do the meds take so long. It was 1 am before I fell asleep. Cant live like this for 30 years! How do people do this? Its like Chinese water torture! woke up at 4 ... took more meds wait an hour then up again at 8. Is this going to be my life forever? Im ready for the surgery bring it on! I will pay for it myself! Im only 2-3 months into this and Im going crazy! Im only allowed to go out 1 hour in the afternoon, then I have to be home? Going somewhere at night sends me into spasm land! I also have some numbness in the left side of my face this morning. anyone heard of that? Hopefully I just slept on it wrong. sorry to rant but this is getting to me. People say to stay positive. I am Im positive I hate this!!!! Hopefully I will have a better day! Shari

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