Saturday, August 15, 2009

Had a great day at the Mall and back to school shopping for my boys. they grow so fast! Keeping busy, best thing to keep my mind off whats coming up. Thank God I dont know whats coming. Just an appt at the Neuro. he didnt mention the EMG so I dont know if thats his plan. Hurt every afternoon, take sonme advil. I better ask cause I dont know about the interactions. Dont want to do liver damage too! I need an MD...should have a guide ...what I can take with what! cheat sheet...Like the old Cliff Notes. Interestingly enough I have found out my nephew has a mild case of Tourettes blinking etc and my niece was blinking when she was small. Their Dr said they would both outgrow it. My niece did. But they are cousins not brother -sister...similar genetic problem in the family. I dont think I will outgrow mine! LOL family party tomorrow, the first time they have all seen me since I started shaking I wonder what they will say. Hopefully I wont pull too badly. That can freak people out! My kids dont say anything when it happens, I hope they aren't creeped out by me! I think its hard for them , it being genetic. very scary for their future. Too soon to talk about it though. I did tell my daughter it was very rare. dont want her to worry for herself and her boys...Hopefully have a good noght cya

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