Sunday, November 8, 2009

Im a a bad blogger! Ive been so busy at Drs and babysitting Ive neglected my duties. Shands was a nightmare! 7 hours of rigorous Psych. testing. Things my brain hasnt done in 40 yrs! When I left I went back to my room and shook for 5 hours. Kipp drove up from Orlando about 2 hrs away and took me out for dinner. He knew I would climb into bed and not eat! The next day was 2 hrs Psychiatric testing, not so bad, and now Im Fast Tracked . meaning the 3 Drs Neuro, Psych and Psychiatric will decide what is the best course. They specialise in Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement disorders on top of CD. By coincidence the Neurosurgeon Dr Foote was having a seminar in Orlando so we went and met him. He said he would put me on the Dec list. they only decide once a month. I am so ready I would go today! The pain is bad cause the Botox has worn off. I sleep all afternoon now.Its not so scary looking. you are awake the whole time and they talk to you. They implant a wire and then 2 wks later they implant the chargers in your chest and hook them up. If I can give birth to 2 babies with no drugs I can do this. Nov 17 is Botox day Yea! and we are having a new grandson on Nov 12th so there are still blessings in my life! wish my daughter luck, this is #3 for her! Kyle Logan Graham! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! I really need them, Im going to do this if I get the okay! Im too young to be this sick! I have grandbabies to see grow up! They are what keeps me going! Love Shari

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